Blog Posts in 2017

  • Carrie Frank Awarded Lifetime Achievement by America's Top 100 Attorneys ®

    We at Klein & Frank, P.C. are thrilled to announce our very own Carrie Frank has been awarded with the Lifetime Achievement by America's Top 100 Attorneys®! As one of the leading Boulder personal injury lawyers, Carrie is a dedicated and experienced professional. Our firm is so proud to have her as an invaluable member of our team, as we are inspired by her drive, dedication, and desire to succeed ...
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  • Can You Sue if You Were Assaulted on Private Property?

    If you were assaulted on private property, you might have a valid premises liability claim and can sue the property owner or manager to receive compensation for medical costs associated with your injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Property owners and managers are legally obligated to ensure the property is safe and properly maintained, which includes providing adequate security. ...
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  • Physical & Financial Costs of Brain Injuries

    Every year, traumatic brain injury (TBI) results in hundreds of deaths and disabilities throughout the United States. TBI can be caused by any trauma to the skull and brain, including something as simple as a concussion. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 1.7 million people in the United States will sustain a TBI every year. Around 57,000 people will die of ...
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  • Your Rights After a Severe Burn Injury

    Burns are more common than you think. Last year around 486,000 people received medical treatment for burn injuries in the United States alone. That same year, another 2,745 people died because of residential fires, 310 because of from vehicle crash fires, and 220 other people were killed from other sources. These types of injuries can also be extremely debilitating, while others can cause such ...
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  • Carrie Frank Speaks at the American Association for Justice Convention

    Check out Carrie Frank’s seminar at the American Association for Justice Convention discussing, ‘Protecting Our Children’!
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  • Attorneys Beth Klein and Carrie Frank Selected for Inclusion in 2017 Super Lawyers® List

    Our team is so excited to announce that both Attorney Beth Klein and Attorney Carrie Frank have been selected for inclusion in the Super Lawyers® list of 2017. After having been selected for the 2016 list, both founding attorneys have continued to provide personal injury victims with top-tier legal advocacy day in and day out. Their ceaseless efforts have allowed them to earn inclusion to such a ...
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  • Steps to Take After a Hit & Run Accident

    A car accident is a terrifying enough experience without the additional stress of being abandoned at the scene by the driver who hit you. Unfortunately, hit and run accidents happen all the time – according to Ameriprise, 10 percent of car accidents are classified as hit and run. If you’ve been in an accident and the at-fault driver has fled the scene, remain calm and follow these steps: Call the ...
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  • Why You Need an Attorney After a Car Accident

    After the initial shock of a car accident, a victim is left with a number of thoughts running through their head. “Am I Hurt?” “How am I going to pay for this?” “What do I do now?” Things can understandably become chaotic and you might not be thinking clearly. Because of this, many people unwittingly make mistakes that could end up harming their ability to recover compensation. Even something as ...
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  • Colorado Women of Vision Promotes Campaign Through TV Broadcasts

    The Klein Frank Foundation began in 2011 under the guidance of Attorneys Beth Klein and Carrie Frank of Klein Frank, P.C. It was founded as an organization devoted to fighting human trafficking wherever it occurs, both internationally and domestically. In early 2012, only months after its founding Klein Frank teamed up with the, Colorado Women of Vision for an event featuring Sheryl WuDunn – ...
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