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Whether in the city or on mountain roads, bicycle riders are everywhere in Colorado. Unfortunately, automobile/bicycle accidents occur every day. Coloradans lead active lifestyles. Whether in the city or on mountain roads, bicycle riders are everywhere. Unfortunately, automobile/bicycle accidents occur every day. Drivers can be negligent, and even with all the protective gear a cyclist can buy, these types of accidents often result in very serious injury. Having someone on your side in these situations is not only smart, but also necessary.

We at Klein Frank, P.C. believe drivers should share the road safely with everyone, including bicycle riders. We represent many elite bicyclists and athletes who have been injured during training and commuting. We fully support our clients in recovering their life as best as possible.

Reasons to Hire Klein Frank, P.C. After a Bike Accident

  • We've handled hundreds of bike accident cases successfully.
  • We have a 100% success rate in recovery for our clients' bicycle accident cases.
  • Our team is made up of seasoned trial attorneys with years of experience in taking cases to trial, and winning.

If you should find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing a Colorado lawyer for a bike accident, we can inform you of your rights and advise you on your best course of legal action if necessary.

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Here are some of the examples of the ways that these bicycle accidents can happen:

  • A motor vehicle hits the bike rider from behind or the side
  • A driver turns left and hits the bike rider
  • The bike rider is brushed by a car or blown off the road
  • The bike riders is forced off the road by a passing motor vehicle
  • A negligent driver ignores a traffic sign or signal and strikes the bike rider
  • Glass beads from road striping operations on the road make the road slippery and dangerous.

Recently, we have dealt with several cases involving bike accidents caused by tiny glass beads commonly used in road striping. Our Boulder personal injury attorneys feel that these glass beads pose a significant risk to bicycle riders, and we want you to have the information you need. If you are injured in a bike accident, our team is ready to investigate and evaluate your case.

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