Boulder Paralysis Injury Lawyers

At Klein Frank, P.C., our goal is to work with medical specialists to fully understand the prognosis and full extent of the injury so we can seek appropriate compensation to cover past, present, and future expenses and special needs. Paralysis is the complete loss of muscle function for one or more muscle groups. Paralysis often includes loss of feeling in the affected area. Paralysis is most often caused by damage to the nervous system, brain and spinal cord.

The types of cases that we have handled arise from:

  • Stroke caused by a defective drug
  • Trauma due to an automobile or other type of accident
  • Botulism from contaminated food and drugs including Cefazolin

We have successfully handled localized paralysis cases such as in Bell's palsy where one side of the face may be paralyzed due to inflammation of the facial nerve. We have handled cases when someone has suffered a stroke and has full body paralysis or paralysis on one side due to a defective drug or injury. We have also handled personal injury paraplegia cases from lower spinal cord damage from a severe back injury and quadriplegia injuries which results from a spinal cord injury high on the spine.

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Paralysis Cases & Family Challenges

We consult with physicians and life care planners in these cases to make sure that the future needs of the injured person and their family are met. We know that in these paralysis injury cases, there are not many available resources, and without legal help, the family will struggle to provide for the basic survival of their family member. Many clients prefer to have their family member live at home. We have seen firsthand how these families struggle through the night to provide the critical care needed. We have seen how these families obtain certifications so that they can take care of their family member in emergency situations and make sure that medicine and basic procedures can be administered. We have seen the fatigue and loneliness of these families.

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These cases are devastating and change lives forever. In these cases, it is important to show the struggle of the entire family, as well as the physical and mental challenges for their injured family member. At our personal injury law firm, we take pride in the fact that we limit the number of paralysis cases that we accept so that our clients get the service that they deserve.

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