Human Trafficking

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Damages for Human Trafficking

Dirty, dangerous, and demeaning tasks and an abundance of jobless and hopeless people have created a new slave labor market. People are imported into the United States for domestic, labor, and sex slavery. Cut off from help, with language barriers, fearful of authorities, and suffering physical abuse, the modern day slave is helpless to change their circumstance. Our firm seeks to right the wrongs done to people who have been paid nothing or subsistence wages and who have been subjected to the control of others.

Victims of this crime are entitled to compensation for the work they have done or the damages that they have suffered. Our firm is committed to seeing that modern day slave traders or "human traffickers" are not only brought to justice, but they compensate the people that they have harmed.

In working to right these wrongs, we wrote the 2010 and 2011 Anti-Human Trafficking laws for Colorado. Included in these laws is a provision that allows victims to sue for three times the amount of their damages and attorney's fees. These funds can be used to get safe, healthy, and create a new life. Many times, well-meaning charities cannot recover all of the compensation to which a victim is entitled. We work to do that.

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Taking a Stand Against Internet Trafficking

Surprising to many of us in the United States, human beings are bought and sold through the internet. Indeed, the internet is increasingly used by transnational organized crime and domestic pimps and traffickers. Some estimate that over 900,000 people are being trafficked every year. Our firm is investigating cases against individuals and corporations that chose to profit from the sale of people.

Policy Consultations

Our firm provides pro-bono services to states and governments about the options available to them for legislation to stop human trafficking. Our Boulder personal injury lawyers have provided free services to states and nations. For a consultation, please call us. Beth Klein serves on the Steering Committee for Demand Abolition, a coalition of over 100 of the most effective anti-human trafficking organizations in the world. She has partnered with Harvard Law students and others to assist policy makers create laws that work for their communities.

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