Defective Trigger

Defective Remington Rifle

Remington Model 700

In 2011, Roger Stringer lost a son to a gunshot from a Remington Model 700 rifle, for which his other son was convicted, despite his statement that the weapon fired on its own. Stringer’s son served five years in prison and was released for good behavior. They are not the only victims, however, and thousands more have claimed that the hunting rifle can fire without a pull on its trigger.

In addition to the Remington Model 700, Remington has agreed to replace the triggers in several other models, including the Sportsman 78, 673, 710, 715, and 770 for gun owners who file a claim. These rifles have either killed or injured hundreds of people without a pull on its trigger. Although Remington is agreeing to replace the triggers now, they were aware of this defect for decades, but kept the incriminating documents sealed.

What to Do if You Own a Defect Remington

Public Justice was instrumental in unsealing the documents that proved Remington’s awareness of the defect. Prior to this revelation, Remington denied any issues with the triggers on any of their models.

If you own a Remington 700 or any of the models listed here, you must stop using them. These rifles pose a threat of death or injury to you, your family, friends, or anyone in close proximity to this defective weapon. You should also submit a claim for each rifle or, as per the proposed settlement, get the trigger repaired for free. While the class action brought against Remington moved them to offer these free repairs and acknowledge the defect, it fails to compensate those who have been injured or the families of people killed from these rifles firing on their own.

View the 60 Minutes report on the defective Remington 700 here.

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