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Hit by a Tourist Bus in Aspen?

Were you traveling through Aspen when you were hit by a tourist or passenger bus? Despite the relatively light traffic in the area, bus accidents are comparatively common because tourists love to frequent the area, especially during the ski season. We should know because our Aspen bus accident attorneys of Klein Frank, P.C. are Colorado locals with more than 60 years of combined legal experience.

When you choose our firm to represent your bus accident case, you aren’t picking just any law firm. No, you are picking one of the most respected personal injury litigation and appellate firms in Colorado and possibly the entire country. Attorney Beth Klein and Attorney Carrie Frank have built their reputations on taking difficult, high-stakes, and newsworthy cases and finding creative, waterproof ways of winning. See if they can apply their talents to your bus accident case in Aspen by contacting our firm right away.

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Aspen Roads Busy with Buses

Depending on the time of day and year you drive through Aspen, you could see the roads busy with buses. As the roads fill up, the risk of encountering a negligent bus driver who is not fully paying attention to the traffic around them increases. After being in a bus accident, try to note what type of bus hit you because this can change the approach to your claim or lawsuit.

Two of the most common types of buses in Aspen are:

  • Tourist: The ski resorts in Aspen are popular tourist destinations, as are the surrounding mountains and trails. It is a common sight to see a tourist bus cruising along the roads and highways of Aspen. Tour bus accidents require us to file a claim against the bus company.
  • Passenger: Although the 82 is not the most direct path across Colorado, it is not unusual to see a passenger bus move through the area. There are also passenger shuttles run by the City of Aspen for intracity travel. If you were hit by a city shuttle, then we will need to file a claim against the City of Aspen, which could have new complications to anticipate and manage. For example, claims against municipalities usually have a shortened statute of limitations.

Bus Company Liability for Accidents

Bus companies are always responsible for the actions of their employees to a reasonable extent due to the legal rule of respondeat superior. In this way, a bus driver’s mistakes are also the mistakes of the company that was employing or contracting that driver. This rule is important because it allows you as someone who was injured by a bus either as a passenger or a motorist to bring the claim against that bus company, which should have higher limits on its insurance policies.

What Should the Bus Company Pay You?

Ideally, the bus company behind your bus accident will pay for the full extent of your damages. Realistically, they will put up a fight to try to avoid doing just that. Our Aspen bus accident attorneys can challenge them in and out of court, fighting tirelessly to get full compensation on your behalf.

The bus company should pay for your:

  • Medical costs: You will likely need extensive medical treatments if you were seriously injured in a bus accident. Your damage calculation should include past treatments and those that will become necessary as months or years pass.
  • Lost wages: When an injury is severe enough to keep you off your feet for an extended period, you could lose thousands and thousands of dollars in missing wages. Your claim can demand those wages back from the bus company or the City of Aspen, depending on what type of bus hit you.
  • Pain and suffering: Noneconomic damage is allowed in bus accident claims. Pain, suffering, and hardships caused by new disabilities are among the most common types of noneconomic damage.
  • Property damage: Were you hit by a bus while driving? If so, your vehicle repairs should be covered by the defendant. Although, property damage is usually pursued in a separate claim, not necessarily a personal or bodily injury claim.

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