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Have you been seriously injured in a bicycle accident while enjoying the bike lanes, avenues, or trails around Basalt? Klein Frank, P.C. and our bicycle accident attorneys can help you pursue the fair compensation you deserve. Our law firm has a long history of successful injury claims handled for clients, including several bicycle accident cases that ended in more than one million dollars being secured for our client.

Why else should you trust us with your bicycle accident claim in Basalt?

  • 100% of our bicycle accident cases have ended in recovery for our client
  • Lead attorneys recognized by “The Best Lawyers in America®” and SuperLawyers®
  • Capable of taking cases to trial for a conclusion in litigation
  • Free initial consultations offered to inquiring clients

Our legal team is not known just for our experience and abilities in and out of the courtroom. We are also known throughout Colorado as genuinely good people who just want to help others in difficult situations. As your legal representatives, we will want to do the same for you by pursuing a maximized compensation amount on your behalf.

Discuss the details of your bicycle accident in or around Basalt by dialing (303) 448-8884 today.

Damages to Pursue in a Bicycle Accident

Some of the worst bicycle accidents happen on city streets, where bicyclists must contend with motorists and pedestrians who do not want to share roads and sidewalks with them. Were you struck by a driver who did not see you on the road, perhaps because they were distracted by their cellphone or a passenger? Were you hit by a car door as it swung open in front of you, once again by a motorist who was not paying enough attention? Or, did you collide with a pedestrian who stepped off a curb right in front of you?

No matter why you were in a bicycle accident in Basalt, our attorneys want to be the team that helps you seek compensation. We can fully investigate the details of your accident to pinpoint liability and calculate the damages you are owed.

In a bicycle accident claim, you may need to pursue the following types of damages and more:

  • Medical treatments
  • Rehabilitative therapy
  • Lost or reduced wages
  • Replacement of destroyed bicycle
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lessened mobility due to disability

Injured on a Biking Trail in Basalt?

Woven into the hills and mountains of Basalt, Roaring Fork Valley, Eagle County, and Pitkin County are numerous biking trails. Just as it is with the city, bicyclists on trails are put in jeopardy whenever the people around them act negligently. Other bicyclists not paying attention or inexperienced with a trail may lose control and crash into you. Some biking roads are even shared by vehicles, who may round blind, forested corners quickly, risking a collision with a bicyclist.

Five popular biking trails, roads, and paths around Basalt are:

  • East Sopris Creek Road (CR 5)
  • Frying Pan Road (CR 104)
  • Old Snowmass Trail
  • Rio Grande Trail
  • West Sopris Creek Road (CR 6)

Were you forced off the trail by another bicyclist or motorist? Did trail construction make the ground unsteady with glass beads, causing a crash? At Klein Frank, P.C., our attorneys have actually worked on a handful of claims involving a bicyclist who traveled over glass beads placed on the road for construction purposes. Let us know what happened and we can let you know what your next step should be.

Experienced Bicycling Accident Attorneys Here to Help

The longer you wait to file your bicycle accident claim, the more time you give defendants to prepare a counterargument. To take the initiative and do what is best for your claim, call our Basalt bicycle accident lawyers at (303) 448-8884 today.

From the start of your case to its conclusion, you can trust in us to protect your best interests, contact our team today!

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