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Klein Frank, P.C. is the trusted name for bus accident representation throughout Colorado. Our Basalt bus accident lawyers – Attorney Beth Klein and Attorney Carrie Frank, the namesakes of our law firm – have more than 60 years of combined legal experience to put to good use whenever a client needs help taking on a bus company or municipal entity, like a city transportation department. We are committed to making your life easier by handling as much of your claim as you would like, right up to litigation and appellate cases if they apply.

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Is the Bus Company Responsible for Your Injuries?

Currently, two buses run through Basalt the most frequently:

  • VelociRFTA BRT
  • Roaring Fork Valley Local transit

Let our team know if you were hit by a bus from either of these companies or if you were riding such a bus when it crashed. We can use our extensive experience to investigate the situation and determine if the bus company is liable for your damages. It might be possible that a third party like another negligent motorist is actually to blame.

If the bus driver caused your crash, though, then the bus company that hired them could be liable for your damages, too. The legal rule of respondeat superior transfers a reasonable amount of liability to employers for the mistakes of their employees, i.e., a bus company can be financially liable for injuries caused by one of their bus drivers. Please work with us as soon as you can after being in a bus accident in Basalt so we can begin our investigation sooner and pinpoint liability fairly.

What is a Good Bus Accident Settlement Offer?

You might be offered a settlement from the bus company or municipal entity that caused your bus accident. Beware of signing it before letting our attorneys review the agreement. Your signature is final and will close your claim once and for all.

When working on a bus accident case, we are mindful when calculating damages to ensure we are fighting for the largest amount possible for our clients. We can let you know what a good bus accident settlement offer would be based on our own damage calculations.

Consider these damages that should be paid to you through a fair settlement:

  • Medical costs, including future medical treatments
  • Lost wages and lowered earning capacity
  • Pain, suffering, and lessened enjoyment of life
  • Property damage if you were hit by a bus while driving

Should You Hire a Bus Accident Lawyer?

If you were seriously injured in a bus accident, then you should be seriously compensated. But you can be certain that the insurance companies won’t see things the same way. They will try to minimize your claim’s value until it is just a fraction of what it once was. Hiring a bus accident attorney makes it more difficult for them to use this tactic against you because you will have an experienced negotiator speaking on your behalf.

You do not need to hire a bus accident lawyer, and your claim might not even call for one if it is a low-value case. However, as a general rule for any injury claim, it is the safer decision to at least allow a local attorney to review your bus accident case to see if it is one that warrants legal assistance.

Let’s Get Your Bus Accident Claim Rolling

There is no way to promise that your bus accident claim will end in a favorable settlement or verdict. But you can make your case less stressful for you just by handing it over to our talented and trusted Basalt bus accident attorneys from Klein Frank, P.C. When we work on a case, we always act as if we were representing ourselves or a close family member. It is one of many ways we go beyond your expectations to deliver incredible results.

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