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Holding Responsible Parties Accountable for Sexual Abuse

If you are a survivor of sexual assault, sexual abuse, or another sex crime, Klein Frank, P.C. can help you pursue compensation from the parties responsible for what happened. It’s important to seek this relief because the effects of enduring such abuse can persist for a lifetime. If you are a survivor, rest assured that our lawyers have the experience and skill to help you pursue the compensation you need.

You can expect our sexual assault attorneys in Basalt to handle your claim with a personalized approach. This means that we’ll thoroughly investigate your claim by learning as much about you and what occurred as possible. We’ll also proactively address any concerns you may have with pursuing your claim and help you fight to achieve the best possible outcome.

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What Can I Win from a Civil Sexual Assault Lawsuit?

If you are a victim of sexual assault or another sex crime, Colorado law allows people like you to seek damages from responsible parties. Such parties can include individuals directly responsible for your abuse, as well as individuals or organizations and institutions involved with facilitating or covering up what happened.

Klein Frank, P.C. can help sexual assault and sexual abuse survivors pursue damages that include the following:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Damage to property
  • Pain and suffering

These factors can result in significant jury awards and settlements. In any case, however, it will take an experienced legal representative to prevail and recover meaningful damages. No lawyer can guarantee results, but our sexual assault attorneys in Basalt are confident that our personalized approach can increase our clients’ chances of success.

What If My Abuser Was Never Convicted?

Sexual assault and abuse survivors can win civil lawsuits whether or not their abusers were ever criminally charged or convicted.

It’s important to note, though, that a criminal charge or conviction won’t necessarily guarantee the success of any civil action taken against an abuser.

How Long Can Survivors of Child Sexual Assault & Abuse File Lawsuits?

Until recently, the statute of limitations for people who survived sexual assault and abuse as children was six years from the day that they turned 18. A new law, however, has increased this time limit for recent and new survivors of sexual abuse, while another proposed law may eliminate the statute of limitations for these cases altogether.

Senate Bill 73

Senate Bill 73 was signed into law on April 15, 2021. This important legislation permits Colorado residents who were not yet 24 years old by Jan. 1, 2022, with an unlimited amount of time to pursue legal action against their sexual abusers. It also abolishes the statute of limitations on civil actions regarding sexual abuse for incidents that occur after Jan. 1, 2022.

Survivors will not only be able to name individuals directly responsible for sexual abuse in their claims, but also any organizations or entities that may have been involved with facilitating the abuse or covering it up.

Senate Bill 88

Senate Bill 88 is pending as of early June 2021. If this law passes, however, those for whom the statute of limitations has already lapsed will be able to pursue legal action against their abusers. This means that damages can be won in lawsuits concerning incidents that may have occurred decades ago. Just as with Senate Bill 73, Senate Bill 88 allows plaintiffs to sue parties directly responsible for abuse as well as organizations or entities involved with facilitating the abuse or covering it up.

If Senate Bill 88 passes, it could help plaintiffs like our clients who are involved in a high-profile Catholic clergy sexual abuse case. Our clients allege that nearly 50 years ago, Brother William Mueller – who taught music and religion at Roncalli High School in Pueblo, Colorado – subdued them with ether, claiming it was related to psychological experiments. While they remained helpless, the men allege that Mueller assaulted them.

Senate Bill 88 is unlikely to affect this specific legal action, but it could pave the way for others to seek damages for abuse that occurred decades ago.

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Our sexual assault attorneys in Basalt are dedicated legal advocates for our clients. We understand that enduring sexual assault and sexual abuse is difficult enough to cope with, but holding responsible parties accountable in court can be essential for one’s financial and emotional recovery.

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