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Basalt, Colorado is a town centrally located to the most popular ski resorts in the state and the Roaring Fork Valley, in particular. Klein Frank, P.C. sees a high number of skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling accidents each year during the winter tourism season.

At Klein Frank, P.C., we are here to help people who are hurt in skiing accidents on the slopes and at ski resorts around Basalt, Aspen, Vail and Avon. We have a law office in Willets, making consultations and meetings convenient. As a local law firm, we are also already familiar with ski resorts and recreation areas in the region, the accidents that may happen at those locations, local law enforcement and medical clinics that may assist with investigations. Beth Klein’s family has been skiing in Colorado

Call (303) 448-8884 if you have been hurt at any of these Colorado ski resorts:

  • Sunlight
  • Snowmass
  • Aspen
  • Highlands
  • Buttermilk
  • Beaver Creek
  • Vail
  • Arrowhead
  • Keystone
  • Copper Mountain
  • Ski Cooper
  • A-Basin
  • Telluride

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Ski Accidents Across Colorado

Accidents can and do happen while skiing on the slopes of the mountains around Basalt. Some of these accidents are caused purely by a skier’s own mistake. However, many are actually caused or worsened by the negligence of a third-party. When you were not fully liable for your skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling accident, you should consider who is liable and how you can file a personal injury claim against them for the harm they have caused you.

Examples of skiing and slope accidents and incidents that may warrant a lawsuit:

  • Struck by another skier: Every skier on a slope has the responsibility to ski safely and without presenting an unreasonable hazard to others. Even if you were hit and hurt by a novice skier, they could potentially be held accountable for your injuries if they were acting recklessly at the time of your collision. Along this same line, ski resorts could be liable for your injuries if they permitted a novice skier in a training class to ski in a busy area, posing a danger for more experienced skiers.
  • Faulty equipment: Many ski resorts will allow patrons to rent out skiing and snowboarding equipment, including skis, ski poles, goggles, helmets, etc. You may be able to file a claim against the resort that let you rent defective, faulty, or otherwise inadequate equipment that contributed to your accident.
  • Inadequate safety training: Were you injured on the slopes of the Roaring Fork Valley while participating in a skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling training course? The resort or company providing the instruction should be held liable for the inadequate safety training that caused you to suffer a serious accident. Even if you signed a waiver at the start of your training, call (303) 448-8884 and connect with Klein Frank, P.C. in Basalt. Our Basalt ski accident attorneys can review the waiver and see if it is legally sound, or if it describes how you can pursue damages after an accident.
  • Mislabeled slope rating: Ski slopes are rating on their level of difficulty, ranging from a green circle to a double-black diamond. Ski resorts must take painstaking efforts to ensure slope ratings are accurate, enabling visitors to accurately determine if they should attempt the downhill course or not. If you are hurt on a mislabeled slope, then you may be able to hold the resort liable.

Case Result: We recovered the policy limit amount for our client who was in a skier-to-snowmobile crash in Aspen.

How Often Do Skiing Accidents Happen?

The exact number of ski resort accidents that happen each in Basalt and around Colorado is difficult to know with certainty. The unclear numbers stem from the fact that ski resorts take strides to keep information about accidents on their slopes from ever reaching the public.

In 2017, The Daily Summit online newsgroup compiled death reports from coroners around the state, starting with documents from 2007. The researchers determined that nearly 140 skiers had lost their lives on the slopes of Colorado ski resorts in the 10 years presented in the data, or more than one skier each month. Yet the resorts involved in these accidents had barely any information to share about these fatal accidents and even less about non-fatal accidents.

The lesson is to not rely on a ski resort or its parent company to help you after you suffer a skiing or snowboarding accident. If anything, the resort will try to downplay your situation and potentially offer a lowballed settlement with the promise that you will not say anything to the public about your accident. To get a fair amount of compensation after a ski accident, you need to turn to professional attorneys like ours at Klein Frank, P.C.

"It was our first experience with a Law Firm. We felt our case was special. It was as important for them than us, to get justice for our son. They had compassion and big heart. They were very attentive to our needs. They worked our case intensively and with attention to any details. They really impressed me! I described them as brilliant and upstanding Ladies. They are not what I thought a Lawyer would be. I highly recommend them!" 
-Odette B.

Come to Basalt's Trusted Ski Accident Lawyers for Help

At Klein Frank, P.C., we are no strangers to handling ski accident cases. Throughout our years of experience, we have been able to successfully handle a number of notable cases with impressive results for our clients.

Three of our top ski accident cases are:

  • Laybourn’s ski accident claim: Doran Laybourn suffers multiple fractures in a ski accident, leaving him hospitalized. We won his difficult case, which became the center of a Snowboard Magazine documentary.
  • SnoCat groomer crush accident claim: Skier Hoot Brown was crushed by a SnoCat groomer while visiting the Telluride Ski Resort. Not only did we secure compensation for his surviving family, but we also got the resort to upgrade its safety equipment, erect a statue in his honor, and rename a portion of the park “Hoot’s Hood.”
  • Skier-on-skier collision claim: We were able to collect more than $250,000 for our client, who was severely injured after colliding with another skier.

To see how we are able to help you with your own ski accident claim, please do not hesitate to call us at (303) 448-8884. We offer no-cost, no-obligation initial consultations to all inquiring clients.

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