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Insurance Company Money Grab - ERISA Subrogation

Many people faithfully pay their health insurance premiums so that they will be covered for major medical expenses. But after they are seriously injured, they have a rude awakening. Their insurance company wants its money back from any lawsuit, the insurance company wants the injured to pay for the litigation and do all of the work, and the insurance company may want all of the settlement - or all of its money back before the injured family gets a dime.

The worst of all are ERISA health insurance plans and auto insurance med pay, which is nothing more than a loan in many circumstances. The injured person is out money for the insurance premiums, the costs of litigation, and the amount of medical bills that the insurance company promised to pay. If you are injured because of the negligence, fault, or intentional misconduct of another, you must be aware of the terms of your health and med pay policies. You have far greater protections as a consumer under state-regulated health insurance plans than ERISA or MED PAY.

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