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Tile Perfect Stand 'N Seal Personal Injury Warning

Stand 'N Seal, a do-it-yourself product sold at Home Depot, has caused serious lung damage in consumers who used the product. The New York Times reports that this product, which was recalled in 2005, has stayed on the shelves at Home Depot. In August 2005, a voluntary recall of 300,000 cans of Stand 'N Seal was announced. At that time, the Rocky Mountain Poison Center said it had received reports of nearly 60 cases of people having health problems after using a spray-on tile sealant purchased at Home Depot.

The product, "Tile Perfect, Stand 'N Seal," is made by Roanoke Companies now known as BRTT. It was a product designed to make tiling easier. Stand 'N Seal is associated with several life-threatening conditions, including Reactive Airway Dysfunction Syndrome (RADS), chemical pneumonitis, and obliterated bronchitis. Aside from the serious problems with the chemical composition of Stand 'N Seal, the grout sealer also was defective as manufactured because the product did not have a pungent odor to signal the spray was toxic. Instead, the product had a sweet, citrus smell, causing users to unknowingly expose themselves to toxic amounts of the dangerous grout sealer.

Cans of the product were not included in the recall until March 2007. If you have any cans of Stand 'N Seal, compare them with the recall information listed here and return the cans to Home Depot. The product is marketed under the brand name of Tile Perfect Stand 'N Seal "Spray-On" Grout Sealer. The date/lot codes are printed on the bottom of the can.

All cans with date/lot codes starting with the following six digits are included in the recall: A20985; A30985; A10995; A20995; A30995; A11015; A21015; A31015; A11025; A21445; A31445; A11455; A21455; A31455; A11465; A21465.

Units with other date/lot codes have been reformulated and are not subject to this recall. If you, a family member or a friend have been injured by Tile Perfect Stand 'N Seal and you need additional, personal information, contact Klein Frank, P.C. to speak with one of our Boulder personal injury lawyers.

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