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Klein Frank Investigates Recent Rash of Deadly RTD Crashes

There has been a string of deadly crashes in the Denver Metro area involving RTD buses. In three separate incidents, at least four people have died and many other people are left with injuries. Clearly, numerous lives have been forever changed by these crashes.

The Regional Transportation District, commonly known as RTD, is a governmental entity. Being a governmental entity usually provides for some protections from law suits. However, what is important to know is that the driver in at least one crash was not an RTD employee but was a person contracted through a private company, Veolia Transportation. Much of RTDs bus service is privately contracted, so the governmental immunity protection may not apply in these cases.

Generally, an independent contractor is not considered a public employee. Veolia Transportation's Web site describes it as the largest private transportation provider in North America. Veolia is a multi-national corporation that operates transportation in the United States and all over the world. It operates rail, taxi and airport shuttle services, including bus transit in Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego, Atlanta, Baltimore, and suburban Washington, D.C., and Toronto.

Investigation into the practices of Veolia will be an important factor in these cases and will likely show that Veolia is not concerned enough with its drivers' backgrounds, including driving history and training. Klein Frank, P.C. is investigating these crashes and the complex relationship between Veolia and RTD.

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