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$18.78M Verdict Reached in Dawson v. Fluor

After four years of intense litigation, Klein Frank, P.C. is pleased to announce that we have received a verdict of $18.78 million in the case of Dawson v. Fluor Intercontinental. This case, which was heard in the Dallas County District Court, arose from the negligence of a military contractor in Baghdad, Iraq.

The plaintiff, David Dawson, suffered burns to over 65 percent of his body when he went to take a shower in his compound. He alleged that the maintenance supervisor for Fluor Intercontinental Inc. knew that there had been numerous complaints in the past about extremely hot water, but that the problem was never corrected. Although the maintenance supervisor knew the water heater should have been set at 120 degrees, he ordered it set at 158 degrees. However, with the way the water heater cycled, the water coming from the showerhead could have been as hot as 200 degrees.

Mr. Dawson went into cardiac arrest twice while on the way to emergency care, and was left in need of skin grafts. His body is now severely scarred and, because his burned areas do not have sweat glands, he will have difficulty regulating his body temperature. He will require additional surgeries in the future to maintain, readjust, and repair his scar tissue.

The jury agreed that Fluor’s negligence, with respect to premises liability and negligent undertaking, was responsible for Mr. Dawson’s injury, and awarded him the following:

  • $355,047 in past medical expenses
  • $1,500,000 in future medical expenses
  • $3,000,000 for past physical impairment
  • $3,000,000 for future physical impairment
  • $225,000 for past lost earnings
  • $1,200,000 for future lost earnings
  • $7,000,000 for past and future pain and suffering
  • $2,500,000 for past and future disfigurement

In order to prepare for the case, Klein Frank, P.C. had to locate witnesses in Iraq during the war and sought permission from the Foreign Ministry of Iraq to conduct the first depositions there for a U.S. Court.

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