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Colorado Trial Lawyers Select Klein Frank, P.C.'s Case, Dawson v. Fluor, as Case of the Year

We are happy to announce that the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association has chosen Klein Frank, P.C.’s case, Dawson v. Fluor, as its 2013 Case of the Year.

Every year, the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association gives this award to acknowledge the positive impact that even a single case can have on advancing fairness under the law, correcting injustices, and providing economic incentives to change attitudes and protect public safety. The Case of the Year Award provides recognition of these achievements, reminds people of what dedication can truly accomplish, and encourages the legal community to take on unique challenges.

The award recognizes cases that meet any combination of the following criteria:

  • The lawyers represented the underrepresented
  • The case created a change in public safety
  • The case helped increase awareness of societal injustice
  • The case is unique
  • The case resulted in a positive change in the law
  • The case righted a particularly egregious wrong
  • The case exemplifies the ideals of the CTLA
  • The case had a broad public impact
  • The lawyers and clients faced a significant challenge at overwhelming odds

We at Klein Frank, P.C. take pride in handling cases that defy odds. We believe that everyone should have access to justice and deserve fair laws designed to protect their safety and wellbeing. That is why Beth Klein has dedicated her time to fighting human trafficking cases and has been active in writing Anti-Human Trafficking laws in Colorado. Our firm stops at nothing to deliver justice to those that need it most, no matter how great the challenge.

We encourage you to contact Klein Frank, P.C. with your legal concerns. Confidential consultations are available free of charge.

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