Blog Posts in March, 2016

  • Snowstorms, Negligent Drivers Pose Spring Dangers on the Road

    Spring is here in Colorado and that often brings flowers and snowstorms. A recent storm in the Denver metro area left close to two feet of snow and hazardous roads to travel. A “Vehicle Traction and Chain Law” alert was put into effect in the Denver metro area, just like what is used for mountain driving throughout the winter months. The traction law means your vehicle must be four/all-wheel ...
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  • Chemical Leak at Bob L. Burger Recreational Center in Lafayette Leaves 22 Victims Hospitalized

    From infants to adults, just about every person has nothing but fond memories of spending an afternoon at the local pool. It is a place we go to relax and play. It is a place we go to build relationships and get away. However, not every trip to the pool has a happy ending. On March 19, 2016, twenty-two people were hospitalized after swimming in the pool at Bob L. Burger Recreational Center in ...
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  • Gas Grill Safety: Preventing Explosions

    Now that Spring is here, many of us are uncovering and preparing our gas grills and planning to enjoy a barbecue with family and friends. The grills may have been sitting untouched all winter and might need a new tank of propane. As you prepare for cookouts in the months ahead, be aware of the very real danger that exists every time you barbeque in your own backyard. Gas grill incidents account ...
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