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Chemical Leak at Bob L. Burger Recreational Center in Lafayette Leaves 22 Victims Hospitalized

From infants to adults, just about every person has nothing but fond memories of spending an afternoon at the local pool. It is a place we go to relax and play. It is a place we go to build relationships and get away. However, not every trip to the pool has a happy ending.

On March 19, 2016, twenty-two people were hospitalized after swimming in the pool at Bob L. Burger Recreational Center in Lafayette because of a chemical leak in the pool’s chlorination system. Chlorine contains a type of acid which is used to kill bacteria in the pool. The chlorine caused burning eyes, burning throats, coughing and nausea to the people who were exposed to the chlorine. These children and adults alike thought they were going to have a fun and relaxing day in the water, only to realize the majority of their day would be spent in pain in the Emergency Room.

To those who suffered injuries from swimming at the Bob L. Burger Recreational Center, Klein Frank, P.C. can help you receive compensation for your injuries and make sure no one else has to suffer through the pain you and your family have endured. However, you have to act quickly. Because the Bob L. Burger Recreational Center is owned and operated by a government entity, every person injured as a result of the chemical leak has limited time to put Boulder County on notice for any claims he or she may have. The attorneys at Klein Frank, P.C. will work with you to preserve your claim and get you the compensation you deserve. In order to preserve your claim, contact Klein Frank, P.C. at 303-622-3876.

Source: Lafayette recreation center leak caused by chlorination system

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