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Gas Grill Safety: Preventing Explosions

Now that Spring is here, many of us are uncovering and preparing our gas grills and planning to enjoy a barbecue with family and friends. The grills may have been sitting untouched all winter and might need a new tank of propane. As you prepare for cookouts in the months ahead, be aware of the very real danger that exists every time you barbeque in your own backyard. Gas grill incidents account for thousands of injuries and trips to the emergency room and approximately ten deaths each year. Most people don’t understand what causes grill explosions and do not know ways to try to ensure they are grilling without risk of injury. The reality is that gas grills can explode and care is necessary to try to prevent this from happening in your home.

How Do You Prevent a Gas Grill Explosion?

Preventing a gas grill explosion is a matter of maintenance and precaution. Always store your propane tanks properly during long periods of disuse and ensure that you are not using an old or rusted tank.

Propane tanks need to be carefully stored to prevent overheating and propane leakage. The propane tanks that are refilled and sold at the neighborhood store may be many years old and reused over and over again. You should be on the lookout so that you can get the newest tank possible. The hose that delivers propane to the grill may be old, dry and cracked from winter storage and should be checked, as could the connections between the propane tank and the hose. And be extra cautious if the grill does not light on the first attempt with the electronic ignition, the problem may be bigger than being cold and unused from the winter.

Recognizing that this danger is lurking in just about every home in America, the Florida Justice Association Justice has asked Attorney Carrie Frank to inform and educate lawyers from across the country about what causes gas grill explosions and how we can try to prevent them. She will be presenting at the FJL’s Workhorse Program in Orlando, Florida on March 30, 2016.

Ms. Frank can help you understand what causes these explosions, or what you can do to protect your rights following an accident. Our website provides more information about what causes gas explosions and how to try to protect yourself and your family when grilling in the hot summer sun.

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