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8 Bike Accident Safety Tips

Many people throughout Colorado ride bicycles for transportation and recreation. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles are not uncommon, and often result in serious injury or death. In fact, between 2010 and 2012, 29 bicyclists were killed in preventable accidents, and bicycle accidents are on the rise across the nation.

In the interest of protecting your safety this Bike Week, consider these tips to reduce the risk of being involved in an accident:

  1. Wear a helmet! The most serious injuries that often lead to death in bicycle accident cases are head injuries. Helmet use has been estimated to reduce the risk of a head injury by as much as 85 percent.
  2. Always use hand signals. Before turning or changing lanes, be sure to use hand signals to alert drivers in your vicinity before making any sudden moves. If you don’t know what the signals are, visit Bikeleague.org to watch a helpful video.
  3. Check your bike. Before each ride, check your tires, chains, brakes, and gears to ensure that everything is in good working order.
  4. Wear bright clothing. Many drivers who cause accidents claim that they never even saw the bicyclist. Wear bright colors to increase your visibility.
  5. Outfit your bike with reflectors. Reflectors increase your conspicuity while you ride. If you plan on riding after dark, you are also required to add a headlight to the front of your bike.
  6. Never ride against traffic. As a bicyclist, you are still held to the same rules of the road as other drivers. This means that you must ride with the direction of traffic and never against.
  7. Never ride with headphones. Headphones are a major source of distraction that prevent you from being able to hear and react to your surroundings. Never listen to music through headphones while you are riding.
  8. Never assume other drivers can see you. Just because you have the right of way, don’t assume that other drivers will give it to you. Defensive driving should always be your number one focus.

We hope that you find these tips helpful and that you have a fun and safe Bike Week. If you or someone you know has been hurt in a bicycle accident, or you have lost a loved one in a fatal accident, the Boulder bicycle accident attorneys at Klein Frank, P.C. can help you recover compensation. We invite you to contact us to schedule a free consultation to talk about your legal options. To learn more about bicycle accidents, please follow the link to our website.

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