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Recall Notification: The PE12 PoolEye Alarm

Summertime and pool parties may be over for the season, but we should still think about protecting our families for the upcoming summer. Sometimes, the very device that you buy to protect your children fails. That is what recently caused the recall of the PE12 PoolEye pool alarms.

The PE12 PoolEye alarm is designed to be placed in an above ground pool and should sound an alarm if a child accidentally falls into the water. It was found that the On/Off activation switch was reversed, which could cause the alarm to fail and not warn users if an unattended child fell into the pool.

The alarm was imported and distributed by SmartPool LLC of Lakewood, New Jersey. It was sold online, through stores such as Target and Walmart, and was provided in some pool packages. Fortunately, no injuries were reported and the company is offering a replacement. If you have one of the PE12 PoolEye alarms, we urge you to send it back right away.

At Klein Frank, P.C., Our Boulder personal injury lawyers take safety very seriously, and we are constantly on the lookout for recalled drugs, medical devices, toys, automobiles and other products that could injure unsuspecting adults and children. Regardless, no matter how careful we all are, recalls occur and so do injuries due to these defective products.

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