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How to Safely Transport a Propane Gas Grill

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Several Florida news sources recently reported on the story of propane gas grill explosion that occurred in Orlando. A man and his wife were transporting a gas grill in their SUV with the gas supply turned on. Their car exploded when the woman lit a cigarette, causing the vehicle to crash into a pole. Both the man and his wife suffered burn injuries and were transported to a local hospital.

It is stories like these that remind us how important it is to be aware of how to stay safe around gas grills. When handled improperly, propane tanks can present a serious danger that can cause severe injury or death. As Labor Day approaches and people throughout the country prepare for their weekend barbeques, please heed the following safety reminders for how to safely transport a gas grill.

  • When transporting gas grills, always make sure that the gas source is disconnected.
  • Always keep propane tanks in a vertical upright position. In any other position, the safety release valve will not function properly.
  • Ensure that the tank is properly secured. Do not let it roll around or allow other loose items to collide with it and potentially puncture it.
  • Propane tanks should not be left in a hot vehicle for a prolonged time, as they can be sensitive to heat. If you need to buy propane, make sure it’s the last item on your list.
  • When you are not using your grill, be sure to store your tank properly. Tanks should ALWAYS be stored outdoors in an area out of direct sunlight.

The Boulder personal injury attorneys at Klein Frank, P.C. represent victims of propane gas grill explosions. If you or a loved one has been injured, you may be entitled to compensation. Do not wait to contact us to request a free consultation. Our team is prepared to listen to the details of your case and put together a plan to help you get compensation.

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