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4 Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Walking near a road can be extremely dangerous for a number of reasons, primarily because pedestrians may be injured by cars passing by. Sometimes drivers become distracted or make some mistake while behind the wheel, which can lead to a serious collision with another vehicle, stationary object, or anyone nearby.

Any accident involving a pedestrian can be extremely damaging because pedestrians lack the same protection drivers have. So, as a pedestrian always be sure to protect yourself and, as a driver, always operate your vehicle with caution.

Intoxicated Driving: When people get behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they put themselves and everyone else on the road at risk. Intoxication has been proven to blur the senses and slow reaction time, which makes drunk or buzzed drivers extremely unsafe.

Distracted Driving: Whether a driver is checking his text messages or fixing her lipstick, these actions, however harmless they may seem, can be extremely dangerous. Anything that pulls the driver’s eyes, hands, or thoughts away from the task at hand is considered a distraction. When the driver’s attention is not fully focused on driving he or she could miss traffic changes, overlook road hazards, or might fail to see crossing pedestrians.

Speeding: Drivers who disregard the speed limit can pose a risk to themselves, other drivers, and anyone else near the road. When a driver exceeds the recommended speed limit, they may be less capable of controlling their vehicle, especially around turns or when accommodating sudden stops.

Failure to Obey Traffic Laws: If a driver disregards certain traffic laws, their reckless driving behavior could easily lead to a crash. When vehicles speed, fail to stop at red lights, don’t use their turn signals, or drive recklessly in any other way, it can cause accidents with other drivers and could injure nearby pedestrians.

How To Avoid Pedestrian Incidents

In order to keep yourself safe as a pedestrian, make sure you do what you can to be noticed and to act cautiously. Wear bright colors when biking or running alongside the road, and make eye contact with drivers before you cross in front of them. And, most importantly, be vigilant and always pay attention to the cars around you.

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