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Colorado Women of Vision Promotes Campaign Through TV Broadcasts

The Klein Frank Foundation began in 2011 under the guidance of Attorneys Beth Klein and Carrie Frank of Klein Frank, P.C. It was founded as an organization devoted to fighting human trafficking wherever it occurs, both internationally and domestically. In early 2012, only months after its founding Klein Frank teamed up with the, Colorado Women of Vision for an event featuring Sheryl WuDunn – world-famous author of the bestselling “Half the Sky” – at Denver University to deliver a seminar and speech about human trafficking and what is being done to end it.

After WuDunn’s seminar, Attorney Beth Klein, who actually wrote the anti-trafficking laws for Colorado and Texas, took the stage. Her discussion was focused on the fact that human trafficking happens everywhere, even right in Denver and all around Colorado; it is not a problem unique to third-world countries. About a month after the seminar, Colorado Women of Vision went to Capitol Hill to campaign for the reinstatement of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPRA), which had expired in 2011. Thanks to the efforts of the group, it was a resounded success and TVPRA was eventually reenacted.

The Fight Goes on Today

While the reinstatement of TVPRA was a great victory for Colorado Women of Vision, and women and children everywhere, it was nowhere near the finish line for the organization. Colorado Women of Vision and the Klein Frank Foundation are still active and swinging in the war against human trafficking. Today, we want your help to spread the message and awareness.

Follow this link – https://www.denveropenmedia.org/shows/colorado-women-vision – to check out a video explaining the history and mission of Colorado Women of Vision and be sure to leave it a positive vote. Channels 56 and 57 through Denver Open Media will periodically broadcast this video; the more positive votes it receives, the more frequently it will be broadcast. This represents a fantastic way to bring the message to the people of Colorado and expand the fight against human trafficking.

Thank you so much for your time and contribution. To learn more about the Klein Frank Foundation and its participating in ending human trafficking and exploitation, you can visit its website by clicking here. If you want to learn more about Attorneys Klein and Frank, feel free to contact Klein Frank, P.C. for more information. The law firm can also assist you with any personal injury claims you may have in Boulder, Denver, and throughout Colorado.

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