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Why You Should Take Even a Mild Concussion Seriously

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While some brain injuries are more serious than others, the term mild can be misleading—especially when it comes to concussions. Although the term “mild” is used in reference to the severity of the initial physical trauma which caused the injury, it doesn’t determine the severity of the consequences of the injury.

Whenever the brain experiences a violent force or movement, the soft, floating brain collides with the skull’s uneven and rough interior. This direct force or sudden movement applied to the head can set the brain tissue in motion, causing neural cells to stretch and perhaps tear. Neural cells need a precise balance and distance between cells to effectively process and transmit messages between cells, so a concussion can disrupt how the brain processes information.

The following is important information about mild brain injuries:

  • A quick recovery is not always the case. While a mild concussion can take a person days or weeks to fully recover, each case is unique and has its own set of variables. Sometimes, it can take several months for symptoms to completely resolve.
  • Recovery is typically uneven. A person recovering from a brain injury often has his or her “good days” and “bad days.” Even on good days, it is imperative to give yourself more time to complete tasks and listen to your body.
  • Create the best possible environment for recovery. After a concussion refrain from alcohol consumption, as well as substances like caffeine or nicotine. Since these substances affect the central nervous system, they can affect a person suffering from a mild concussion much more than it did before the injury.
  • Get professional assistance. Brain injuries are often frustrating to deal with, especially since the injury can impair a person’s ability to accurately assess their abilities. Working with a professional can help you understand the work you have ahead and identify specific problem areas in order to resolve them.

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