Blog Posts in June, 2017

  • Carrie Frank Awarded Lifetime Achievement by America's Top 100 Attorneys ®

    We at Klein & Frank, P.C. are thrilled to announce our very own Carrie Frank has been awarded with the Lifetime Achievement by America's Top 100 Attorneys®! As one of the leading Boulder personal injury lawyers, Carrie is a dedicated and experienced professional. Our firm is so proud to have her as an invaluable member of our team, as we are inspired by her drive, dedication, and desire to succeed ...
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  • Why You Shouldn't Delay Seeking Medical Care After an Accident

    If you have ever been involved in a car accident, you understand how overwhelming and traumatic the experience can be. Those who appear to be severely injured will likely receive emergency treatment and get transported to the hospital in an ambulance, but what if your car wreck does not warrant emergency treatment? Should you hold off on medical care? You might feel fine and not have any visible ...
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  • Can a Personal Injury Case Be Appealed?

    When it comes to filing a personal injury claim , there are two ways the case can be resolved: through negotiating a settlement and through litigating the case in court. Plaintiffs who opt for the former may receive a lesser amount than they might receive through litigation, but litigating the case means that there is a chance the plaintiff won’t receive any money at all if a jury rules in favor ...
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