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How To Choose the Right Personal Injury Attorney

Legal representation is very rarely, if ever, a “one size fits all” type of service. Even for firms that do offer it all, they may be spread too thin to offer their clients the type of personalized, knowledgeable legal guidance they need. If you find yourself in need of a personal injury attorney, make sure you know what to look for so that you choose the best possible legal counsel for your situation. Each case is different, and every lawyer will approach things in a different way. Additionally, not all personal injury attorneys may be capable of handling your type of complex case.

To find the best possible personal injury attorney for you, we recommend you use the following tactics:

1. Do Your Research

Never choose the first attorney you come across; do your part to learn more about your options. Look online, find legal databases, read through reviews, and ask friends and family members if they know of any attorneys they’d recommend. If a lawyer has a good reputation within the community, chances are he or she will pop up through one or more of these searches.

2. Schedule Meetings

Gathering research is a good start, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you do before you hire someone. Most attorneys offer free consultations, so take advantage of those opportunities to get to know your potential legal advisor. Whoever you hire will be working closely with you, asking personal questions and helping you through an extremely stressful period of your life. Before trusting just anyone to take that role, it’s important to meet your potential attorney to ask questions and get a general feel for them. Are they listening to you, and does your case seem valuable to them? Pay attention to how they respond to you.

Meeting with an attorney one-on-one also shows you that the firm cares enough to make time to meet with new and potential clients. Some attorneys may send you to their secretary or other legal associates, but if your attorney makes time for you themselves, you’re clearly a priority.

3. Ask the Right Questions

During your meeting, whether on the phone or in person, make sure you ask plenty of questions. Some of the things you should ask include:

  • Do you work on cases like mine often? – You want an attorney who has experience working on cases like yours, which shows that they have the legal skills you need.
  • If so, what were the results? – An attorney with a good track record of high settlements and positive verdicts is always a good sign.
  • What would you do for my case? – How can this attorney help you? They’ll be advising you for months, at least, if you hire them, so find out what their legal plan might look like and consider whether or not you agree.
  • How would you charge me and what would the fees be? --Make sure you know how you’ll pay your legal fees from the very beginning. You never want this to be unclear later on.

4. Choose Someone Relevant

What has the attorney been up to in the past year or so? Are they board certified, do they have trial experience, and have they continued to work in legal areas relevant to your case? Ask the attorney about their local involvement in the community and make sure you select someone who cares deeply about their work. When you work with someone who has a true passion for what they do, you can rest easy knowing they’ll fight for you, too.

Let Klein Frank, P.C. Help You

Our attorneys at Klein Frank, P.C. are passionate about what we do and we are confident that we can help you with whatever personal injury issue you’re facing. We handle a variety of cases, from car accidents to human trafficking, ski accidents, legal malpractice, catastrophic injuries, and more. However complex your case, we are here to provide you with the personalized legal support you need.

Contact Klein Frank, P.C.to discuss your case with our Boulder personal injury attorneys.

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