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Is Drowsy Driving Worse Than Drunk Driving?

Many of us would admit to being sleep-deprived as there simply are not enough hours in the day for all we need to do. While many adults have no choice but to burn the candle at both ends just to make it through, doing so causes more harm than you may realize. Nearly every commuter can relate to being tired, but if you find yourself yawning behind the wheel this may be more alarming than you realize.

Drowsy driving is potentially as devastating as driving while under the influence. Drivers who sleep for less than 5 hours are comparable to drunk drivers, according to extensive research conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Some drivers may overestimate their abilities and believe they are capable of functioning on such little sleep. However, taking this risk could be the difference between life or death.

Fatigued driving significantly slows down reaction times, severely affecting the driver’s ability to safely operate their vehicle. In worst case scenarios, drivers may even fall asleep behind the wheel, resulting in catastrophic consequences. The more sleep deprived or fatigued a driver is, the higher his or her chances are for making a fatal error.

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