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The Importance of Seeking Medical Treatment Immediately After an Accident

Any type of car collision can be traumatic and stressful. After the incident, you may be left unsure of how to proceed or what to do next. If the emergency medical responders who initially arrived on the scene decide that you don’t need to be transported to the hospital, you may assume that you don’t need to seek medical treatment at all.

While going to the emergency room after an accident might be a hassle and seem unnecessary, it is crucial that you seek medical treatment after any type of accident in order to protect both your health and legal rights to compensation.

Delays May Jeopardize Your Health

You may not necessarily feel injured or think that it’s only a little neck or head pain. You don’t want to overreact by going to see a doctor for something seemingly so minor. However, keep in mind that the extent of your injuries may not be what they seem at first.

Some injuries do not present signs or symptoms until hours or even days after your accident. Without proper medical tests done by a doctor, you may not even know the full extent of your injuries. By not knowing, you miss out on the critical medical care you need to ensure that your injuries heal properly and you do not do anything to exacerbate them.

Common types of injuries that may have late-onset symptoms include:

  • Whiplash. This injury can be sustained in even minor rear-end collisions and is associated with neck and shoulder pain or stiffness, muscle spasms, and trouble focusing, and sleep disorders.

  • Traumatic brain injuries. After car accidents, many people disregard their headaches as minor injuries. However, it is just one of the many delayed symptoms of traumatic brain injuries; other symptoms include dizziness, sensitivity to light, trouble sleeping, fatigue, mood changes.

  • Back injuries. Back pain that appears after an accident doesn’t always go away with time, but it usually the symptom of another, more serious injury such damage to the muscles, nerves in the back, or even by damage to the vertebrae.

  • Muscle strain. Even just being “a little sore,” can point to an injury like muscle strain, which occurs when a muscle or tendon is stretched or torn from the bone; symptoms include pain, swelling, muscle spasms, and limited ability to move.

  • Internal damage. Organs can be damaged in car accidents, especially high-impact ones; damage to any organ can cause internal bleeding and loss of essential function of the organ, either of which can be fatal if not treated. Common symptoms include abdomen pain, lightheadedness, cold feeling, and bruising.

The Insurance Company May Deny Your Claim

Keep in mind that medical bills can rack up much more quickly than you expect, even for injuries that seem easy to heal. For example, the cost of a broken arm can reach into the thousands of dollars when all past, present, and future expenses are added up, including those associated with:

  • Doctor’s visits

  • Lab fees

  • X-rays

  • Brace, slings, and splints

  • Surgery costs

  • Physical therapy

  • Treatment for other possible complications

This is the main reason why a majority of injury victims rely on insurance coverage to pay their total damages. However, the insurance company won’t just pay any claim that they receive. In order to protect themselves against fraudulent claims, insurance companies require you and your attorney to prove that your injuries are the direct result of the accident.

If you wait an extended period of time after an accident to see a doctor, the insurance adjuster may try to challenge your claim and say that your injuries were caused by something other than the car crash. If there is no medical record after the accident showing that your injuries were present right after the accident, they may deny your claim for lack of evidence showing direct causation.

We Are Here to Stand In Your Corner

No matter the circumstances of your collision, you should not hesitate to contact a local injury attorney who can review your case and determine what your best options are for pursuing compensation. At Klein Frank, our legal team is committed to helping injury victims obtain the compensation they need to heal the right way. As our client, you can expect the following:

  • Direct involvement in your own case

  • Creative and innovative legal strategies

  • Passionate advocacy

Here, you don’t just get legal representation—you get a team of dedicated legal advocates who will always put you first. Please don’t hesitate to reach out at your earliest convenience. There are absolutely no fees and no obligations to sit down with our legal team and discuss what your legal options are moving forward.

Contact Klein Frank at (303) 448-8884 to schedule your no-fee case review today!

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