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Klein Frank, P.C. Joins the Effort to Protests Facebook Hate Speech

The team at Klein Frank, P.C. is joining countless other businesses in a Facebook ad boycott for the month of July to take a stand against hate speech. Facebook, which makes nearly all of its money from ads and reportedly made more than $70 billion in revenue last year, has been criticized for its failure to fight hate speech on their platform.

A group of civil rights organizations have come together to start a campaign called Stop Hate for Profit and teamed up with powerful brands like The North Face, Unilever, Ford, Verizon, and more, and is now encouraging other businesses to pull their ads from the site.

Though Facebook has been criticized for years for its failure to make the site safer, the lack of progress reached a tipping point following the police killing of George Floyd, the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests and calls for social change that followed. While Facebook isn’t the only social network being criticized, it is the world’s largest network with more than 2.6 billion active users

The Stop Hate for Profit campaign has 10 steps that it wants Facebook to take to begin addressing hate speech and the spread of misinformation on its site.

Some of these steps include:

  • Creating a way to automatically red flag hateful content in private groups for human workers to review
  • Allowing those who are experiencing serious hate to speak with a Facebook employee
  • Stop recommending groups or content that have ties to hate or misinformation
  • Removing Facebook groups on white supremacy, antisemitism, Holocaust denialism, vaccine misinformation, climate denialism, and more
  • Hiring an executive with a civil rights background to review Facebook’s products and rules for bias, hate, and discrimination
  • Participating in a regular audit about misinformation and hate, and then publishing these results online

The pause on advertising will take place throughout July. Klein Frank, P.C. and our legal team is proud to join this movement against hate by no longer advertising on Facebook.

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