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What Are the Most Common Injuries Sustained in Bicycle Accidents?

Bicycle accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. However, the road to recovery is not such an instantaneous process.

Cycling accidents are unique from most car or truck collisions. Mostly, this is because of one main factor: riders lack a protective outer layer that regular vehicle occupants have. The type of force that causes a minor fender bender between two vehicles can lead to devastating— if not fatal— injuries for those on two wheels.

Here are some of the most common injuries sustained by riders in bicycle collisions.

Head Trauma

The fact that head injuries are a common result of bike accidents is probably no surprise. Even with a helmet on, riders are still at an increased risk of sustaining trauma to the head. In fact, a report from the American Family Physician shows that anywhere between 22 and 47 percent of bicycle riders have sustained some sort of head injury.

The head is one of the most important areas of the body, so sustaining a traumatic injury to it can lead to devastating results, including:

  • Traumatic brain injuries

  • Tooth fractures

  • Face contusions

  • Wrongful death

This can result from striking the pavement, a car windshield, or other objects.

Bone Fractures

Without any sort of protection around them, a rider’s body takes the full impact of a crash and is especially vulnerable to broken bones and fractures. While essentially any bone can be injured when these events occur, some of the most frequently broken bones include:

  • Collar bones

  • Wrists, hands, and fingers

  • Hips or pelvis

  • The skull

Depending on the severity of the injury, surgery may be required to ensure the bone heals correctly.

Road Rash

Road rash is considered a type of friction burn and occurs when a rider’s body skids an abrasive surface, such as asphalt or concrete, and top layers of the skin are ripped away. This can be incredibly painful and debilitating.

In severe cases of road rash, medical attention is recommended in order to ensure that the open wound does not become infected. Skin grafting may be required to heal the area and plastic surgery may be used to reduce the physical appearance of scars.

Emotional Trauma

Injuries that result from bicycle accidents are not all physical. The emotional injuries can be just as extensive, if not more of a challenge to overcome.

Riders often feel too afraid to get back on their bikes. The person may require ongoing therapy and suffer from mental anguish or other conditions, such as:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • PTSD

  • Insomnia

Something that was once an enjoyable activity may now resonate fear and sadness. These individuals can also seek compensation not only for emotional damages but for diminished quality of life.

Helping You Recover a Bicycle Accident

If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident, we understand that you may be going through an incredibly difficult time in your life. You shouldn’t have to pay for your medical bills and other damages because of the reckless and negligent actions of another driver or responsible party.

Every situation is different. With over 60 years of combined legal experience, the attorneys at Klein Frank will take a strategic legal approach to your case by investigating the cause of your bike accident to accurately determine negligent parties. We’re here to stand in your corner and fight for your financial recovery.

Contact our firm at (303) 448-8884 to get started on your case with a free, personalized case review.

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