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Child Car Seat Laws in Colorado

Colorado child car seat laws infographicParents and caregivers have many responsibilities, but it all comes down to keeping their infants and young children safe. September is Baby Safety Month, an annual campaign that aims to promote safety for all things baby-related, from safe toys and sleep habits to furniture tip-over prevention.

In recognition of this campaign, we want to focus on child car seats—specifically, child car seat laws in Colorado, common installation mistakes to avoid, and the role these devices play in preventing severe and fatal injuries to young children.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Younger Than 1 Year
  2. Age 1-3
  3. Age 4-7
  4. Age 8+
  • Properly-installed child car seats reduce the risk of fatal injury to infants by 71 percent.
  • Always refer to your car seat and vehicle owner's manual when installing a child car seat.
  • Some of the most common car seat safety tips that you should know include:
  1. Don't strap children in with puffy jackets
  2. Check for expiration dates
  3. Second-hand seats can be risky
  4. Use the "inch test" for tightness

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