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How Soon Should I Put on Snow Tires?

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Preparing Your Vehicle for Inclement Weather

Every driver who is familiar with Colorado winters understands the importance of having the proper tires on your vehicle when inclement weather is present. Although tire chains are perfectly reasonable for handling poor weather conditions, snow tires are commonly recommended as a more durable option.

There are often conflicting opinions for when is the perfect time to swap your tires for ones that are "winterized," and the debate often centers around a specific day. However, many manufacturers recommend that when the temperature is consistently below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, it's time to add snow tires to your vehicle. They also should remain on either once the winter season in your area is complete or temperatures increase.

Do I Need Snow Tires?

In areas like Boulder that often see significant snowfall during the year, it is always ideal to equip your vehicle with the gear necessary to get where you're going safely. Tires made specifically for wintery conditions are often the most recommended, as they can allow your car to function the same as it would in normal conditions. Additionally, a Canadian study has shown that using these tires consistently can contribute to a decline in weather-related accidents.

Furthermore, the state has implemented traction laws that require individuals traveling or living in certain areas to use these tires as early as September. You can learn more about these laws by visiting here.

Car Accident? Our Boulder Attorneys Can Help

Your safety should be the number one priority this season, and our Klein Frank, P.C. attorneys are prepared to ensure that your rights are protected if you become injured in an accident with a negligent driver. Know that you have a right to seek legal action for injuries caused by drivers who fail to maintain their vehicles or operate them safely in inclement conditions.

To discuss your potential case, schedule a free consultation by calling (303) 448-8884 or filling out this short form.

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