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The Dangers of Driving on Ice

Colorado sees its fair share of snow, ice, and winter storms. While there are many enjoyable snow activities that can be done during this time, remember that this season poses unique and unpredictable challenges on the road.

As a driver, knowing how what dangers you may face is crucial. Here are three dangers of driving in icy conditions and how you can reduce your risk of getting into a winter car wreck.

Loss of Traction

Freezing temperatures often lead to roads slicking over with ice. This can, in turn, cause vehicles to lose traction with the road and drivers to lose steering control. Oftentimes, ice can make the road appear wet or be under a layer of fresh snowfall.

When driving during winter conditions, assume that you may hit a patch of ice at some point and always take precautions to prevent sliding your vehicle:

  • Slow down
  • Don’t brake hard
  • Steer smoothly
  • Stay calm

Limited Visibility

Active snowfall can seriously limit your ability to see road conditions and other vehicles clearly. This can make it difficult for you to navigate your surroundings and know when to brake in order to avoid getting into an accident. Additionally, freezing conditions can cause your vehicle to become foggy or ice to form on your windshield.

While we know it’s not always possible, it’s best to avoid driving during these conditions under the storm or threat passes.

Vehicle Malfunctions

Cold weather can take a serious toll on your vehicle and its parts. Air contracts when exposed to cold temperature, which can decrease your tire pressure and subsequently lead to a loss of traction or blowouts. Additionally, car batteries are more prone to failure in these conditions, and vehicle fluids may move more sluggishly.

To ensure your car is in the safest condition possible during winter months, make sure to keep up with regular auto maintenance and constantly check your tire pressure, fluid levels, and windshield wiper functionality. Let your engine warm up for a few minutes before driving to make sure fluids get to their correct levels before you hit the road.

If you’re injured in a Colorado car wreck this winter, the top-notch legal team at Klein Frank is standing by ready to fight for you. Contact our firm at (303) 448-8884 to get started with your free, personalized case review today.

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