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How to Accident-Proof Your Home

Summer is finally here, and many people are looking forward to some time relaxing in the sun and hanging out with friends and family. But before you let your guard down, remember that dangers can lurk in even the most innocuous places.

In order to keep your guests safe from being injured on your property, you’ll want to do a walkthrough of your home to ensure that it is accident-proof for the summer months. Here are some tips you can implement to adequately address any hazards on your property.

Keep the Walkways Clear

Tripping hazards are one of the most common causes of falls in homes and are a real threat to guests. The good news is that they are entirely preventable. Check all areas of your home, including the walkway up to the front door, the backyard, the bathroom, the kitchen, or the staircase for tripping hazards so that you can address them.

Some common examples of tripping hazards in and around homes include cluttered walkways, uneven flooring, exposed cords, loose bricks or stones, or wet floors.

Add Adequate Lighting

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy backyard gatherings under the stars and around the warm ambient lighting. But remember, hanging out during the night hours without adequate lighting can be hazardous and lead to falls.

You may consider adding motion-sensor lights in outdoor areas, including in your backyard and the walkway leading up to your house.

Make Sure Your Alarms Are Working

If you’re planning a backyard barbecue, remember that home fires are common in the summer and can lead to disastrous results. Always follow safe fire practices by only using charcoal or gas grills outside and keep them at least three feet away from anything, including your home.

You will also want to check that all your fire and carbon monoxide alarms are working properly and have full batteries. These should be installed on every floor of your home.

Check Your Swimming Pool

Hopping into the swimming pool is a great way to get some relief from the summer sun, but it’s incredibly important that it’s used safely to keep guests and young children free from harm’s way. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drowning is the number one cause of unintentional death for children between the ages of 1 and 4.

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, it’s best to have a four-sided fence or gate surrounding the pool so that children can’t accidentally fall in. Make sure all latches are child-proof. If children are swimming, they should be supervised at all times! Avoid consuming alcohol or being distracted if you are meant to be supervising children in the pool.

We Are Here If You Need Us

We hope that these tips help you, your family, and your guests stay safe this summer and enjoy your time together.

If you are injured on another person’s property, you may be entitled to pursue a premises liability claim. Such a claim would be filed through the property owner’s homeowners insurance, so you don’t have to worry about causing a financial disruption to someone you know personally.

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