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Safety Tips for First-Time Skiers and Snowboarders

Staying Safe on the Slopes

Your first time skiing or snowboarding can be a memorable experience no matter your age. However, it can also be dangerous if you're not prepared. Use these tips when planning your first trip and keep yourself safe on the slopes.

Wear the Right Clothing and Use Proper Equipment

In the mountains, more is more. Before your first ski trip, make sure to check your closet for thick, insulated clothing that will keep you warm throughout the day. Note that these will also be getting wet if you sweat or lose your balance while learning, so having multiple layers is also recommended. In addition to clothing, you'll want to wear the proper equipment:

  • Gloves
  • Ski goggles
  • Helmet
  • Ski boots

This is not to say that you have to run out and spend a bunch of money on expensive equipment, but rentals from the ski resort or shop will be much better suited to you than borrowing from a friend.

Start Out Slow

If vacationing with a group of experienced skiers or snowboarders, don't feel like you have to be going on the same runs as them. When learning, start out slow with smaller slopes and work your way up—they should be clearly marked so you know which trails you're using. This also allows you to understand the proper etiquette, rules, and get familiar with different warning signs that may be present.

Use the Buddy System

It's usually not recommended to go out on your own, especially as a first-timer who is unfamiliar with the trails you're using. Stick with a friend so you both can look out for each other. They can even help you learn if they're more experienced.

Take Breaks

Remember, skiing and snowboarding are physical activities that may require you to use muscles you're not used to. Don't forget to take breaks throughout the day to eat, rehydrate, and get out of the sun for a while.

Colorado Ski Accident Attorneys

Your first time skiing should not have to result in an injury, but even professional riders get hurt sometimes at ski resorts around the world. Know that you may be eligible for compensation for injuries caused by other skiers or negligent resort owners/employers.

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