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How to Accident-Proof Your Home for Trick-or-Treaters

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3 Things to Remember this Halloween

One of the most beloved activities on the day of Halloween is, no surprise, trick-or-treating. This tradition has people traveling all over to different neighborhoods in order to get the best candy collection to last them until the winter holidays. However, since it often requires kids to walk from house to house, many accidents can occur, causing twisted ankles, bumps and bruises, and more.

Accident-proofing your lawn is one of the easiest ways to reduce accidents this Halloween. Here's how:

1. Keep Decor Out of Walkways

While plastic skeletons, jack-o-lanterns, and fog machines may be a spooky addition to your front walkway, they aren't the safest decor items for running children to navigate through. If you're the kind of person that answers the doorbell on Halloween, periodically double-check to make sure that any decor is staying out of the walkway throughout the night.

2. Do Yard Work the Day Before

Those fall leaves may add an organic flair to your lawn, but they can also put individuals at risk of a slip and fall. Along with this, leaves piled in the yard may cover holes, stakes, or other hazards that could cause injury if not seen and avoided. If possible, try to do any yard work like raking leaves or trimming overhanging tree branches at least one day before Halloween.

3. Create a Lit Path to the Candy Bowl

Whether you place the bowl at the end of your driveway or hand out the candy yourself, ensure that the path to get there is well-lit. Not only will this signal to trick-or-treating families that you are safely taking part in the holiday, but it also makes it easier for kids of all ages to avoid accidents.

Stay Safe this Halloween

Our Denver attorneys love to celebrate the holidays and keep your family safe while doing it. If you or a loved one becomes injured by another's negligence while participating in seasonal activities, know that you can seek legal action. To schedule a free consultation with a member of our team, call (303) 448-8884 or fill out this short form.

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