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Does Insurance Cover the Car or the Driver in Colorado?

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When you get car insurance, you probably only think about how it will potentially cover you, should you ever be involved in an accident. After all, you pay your premiums and you own the car, so you may expect that your insurance will only cover you. However, Colorado is one of many states where car insurance actually follows the vehicle, not the driver.

Lend Your Car, Lend Your Insurance?

When you lend your car to someone else to drive in Colorado, you are actually also lending them your insurance. This means that, if the person you lent the car to gets into an accident while driving, your insurance company would likely be responsible for paying any claims.

Colorado car insurance policies typically already cover all drivers within your household, including your spouse, children, roommates, and other relatives. However, don’t ever just assume that your policy will cover an accident, as there are many other factors that will determine what your specific insurance policy may cover.

Permissive vs. Non-Permissive Use

Here’s an example, let’s say that you gave your friend permission to borrow your car and they got into a car accident. If they were found to be at fault, your insurance coverage would be considered primary (the first one utilized), while their coverage would be considered secondary (utilized once your policy limits are used up). If the other driver involved caused the accident, their insurance may cover damages and you may not need to worry about your own coverage.

Additionally, whether or not your insurance will kick in will depend on whether your vehicle was being driven with permissive or non-permissive use. If you gave someone permission to drive the vehicle or if it was being driven by someone listed on your policy, then insurance will probably cover an accident. If a friend borrowed your car without permission, then their own car insurance would be considered primary coverage.

We’re Here If You Need Us

Be sure to read your specific car insurance policy before you make any assumptions about who may be covered in the event of an accident. Additionally, should you have any questions about where to file a claim after an auto accident in Colorado, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Klein Frank, P.C.! We will help review your legal options and pursue a claim on your behalf.

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