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  • Recall Notification: The PE12 PoolEye Alarm

    Summertime and pool parties may be over for the season, but we should still think about protecting our families for the upcoming summer. Sometimes, the very device that you buy to protect your children fails. That is what recently caused the recall of the PE12 PoolEye pool alarms . The PE12 PoolEye alarm is designed to be placed in an above ground pool and should sound an alarm if a child ...
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  • Chemical Leak at Bob L. Burger Recreational Center in Lafayette Leaves 22 Victims Hospitalized

    From infants to adults, just about every person has nothing but fond memories of spending an afternoon at the local pool. It is a place we go to relax and play. It is a place we go to build relationships and get away. However, not every trip to the pool has a happy ending. On March 19, 2016, twenty-two people were hospitalized after swimming in the pool at Bob L. Burger Recreational Center in ...
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