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At Klein Frank, P.C., we are so passionate about ending human trafficking that we do more than just handle human trafficking cases: We have created a foundation to raise awareness, educate others, and take concrete steps. We have been involved in efforts to end human trafficking since 1969. At the state government level, we have worked to assist refugees find places to live to escape hostile situations, such as human trafficking.

The mission of the Klein Frank Foundation is to:

  • Create a brickless community actively and effectively working toward an end to human trafficking. We believe that every day is an opportunity to inspire and be inspired to end this crime.
  • Connect the innovative, talented, and solution-minded people in Colorado who want to see human trafficking come to an end.
  • Inform every one of the depth of human trafficking in Colorado and by extension, the United States.
  • Create lasting relationships in this community of social change makers and government.
  • Engage with this diverse community, working on specific issues, and recognizing successes, innovations, and measures.
  • Have access to cutting-edge technology to enable immediate and seamless identification of victims, requests for aid, and collaboration.
  • Ensure that every dollar is spent wisely and effectively with ending human trafficking as the only objective.


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