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Holding Drunk Drivers Accountable for Inexcusable Negligence

Driving while drunk is irresponsible and overtly dangerous. Yet countless Americans get behind the wheel while intoxicated every year – and thousands of other motorists pay the price.

Klein Frank, P.C. and our team of Boulder drunk driving accident lawyers are here to set things right by helping you stand up to the drunk driver who hit you and caused so much harm. The criminal justice system does not guarantee that a drunk driver will compensate you for your injuries, even if they are convicted on all counts. If you want compensation and a sense of justice for yourself, then you need to pursue a civil claim against them, which is where our highly experienced lawyers can step in and take over.

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Can You Sue Someone for Drunk Driving?

Yes, you absolutely can sue someone for drunk driving and hitting you or a family member. As mentioned, filing a claim or lawsuit is often the only course of legal action you can take against a drunk driver in pursuit of fair compensation. The criminal justice system can lock them up and take away their license, but it does not always order restitution to be paid by the offender to the victim.

How Much is Your Drunk Driving Claim Worth?

We can help you file an injury claim against the at-fault intoxicated driver in an effort to secure compensation for your medical bills, property damage, rehabilitative care, and other related costs. You shouldn't have to pay the financial consequences for someone else's poor decision to get behind the wheel while drunk. Your claim might be the first step in ensuring that you don’t.

Victims of drunk driving accidents can suffer serious injuries, such as:

Medical costs for these injuries alone can be massive. Factoring in lost wages can spike the damage caused by a drunk driver into six or seven figures. In some tragic instances, drunk driving accidents can be fatal. If you are the surviving family member of someone who died in a drunk driving accident, our firm can help you file a wrongful death claim.

Our Boulder drunk driving accident lawyers are not intimidated by insurance companies and do not settle for anything less than what is fair for our clients. We are willing to take a case to trial to obtain maximum compensation for our clients.

Are Drunk Drivers Covered by Insurance?

Driving in an unlawful manner, such as drunk driving, does not remove a driver’s insurance coverage immediately. Insurance companies that hear that their policyholder was drunk driving can decide to end their coverage early later. But, at the time of a drunk driving accident, as long as the drunk driver was insured, the insurance provider is still obligated to pay for the damage that they cause. Whether or not the insurer will cooperate and admit that it owes a claimant for the mistakes of their policyholder is a different question.

Our Name is One That Locals Trust

Klein Frank, P.C. has more than six decades of combined experience handling all types of serious car accident cases, including those caused by drunk drivers on the streets of Boulder, Colorado. We are committed to providing our clients with the personalized attention of a small firm with the results of a large firm. We're not a settlement mill, so you can trust that when you work with us, you and your case will receive our utmost care.

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What to Do After Being Hit by Drunk Driver

Five things you should plan on doing after being in a drunk driving accident are:

  • Call the police: Call the authorities if someone was seriously injured or you suspect the other driver is intoxicated. Only police officers are authorized to pull over and arrest a drunk driver. By notifying the police, you could protect others from being hit by that driver the same night. You will also help bolster your future claim by tying it to an official police report.
  • See a doctor: Just as how a police report can increase your claim’s validity, an official medical record of your injuries can, too. Even if you feel fine, you should take yourself to the doctor or urgent care as soon as possible for a diagnosis.
  • Talk to a lawyer: The other driver’s insurance company needs to know about the crash, and the drunk driver may have no intention of telling their insurer about what they did. You might need to notify yourself. Before you do, speak with a drunk driving accident attorney like those you can find at Klein Frank, P.C. in Boulder. Our lawyers can advise you about how to speak with the other insurance provider or speak to them on your behalf.

Ready to Protect Your Rights

Our firm is committed to protecting your rights throughout the entire development of your case. As soon as you get in touch with us, we will begin working on implementing a customized strategy for your drunk driving accident case. You have already been through enough. Let our Boulder drunk driving accident lawyers take care of all the details so that you can focus on recovering your health and spending time with your loved ones.

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