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  • James Rawlins

    James Rawlins first worked with Klein & Frank, P.C. after a work-related slip and fall ...

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  • Alec Baldwin

    Alec Baldwin came to Klein & Frank, P.C. after he was hit by a speeding truck at 65 mph ...

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  • Carrie Riesberg

    Carrie Riesberg, a client of Klein Frank, P.C., hired the firm for a legal malpractice ...

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  • Doug McBee

    Doug McBee hired Klein Frank, P.C. after he and his family were involved in a rollover ...

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  • Kim Carpenter

    Kim Carpenter turned to Klein Frank, P.C. after she was injured in two separate car ...

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  • Rodger Allbrandt

    Rodger Allbrandt was gravely injured in a T-bone motorcycle accident. After incurring more ...

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Firm Videos

  • Klein & Frank with Accolades

    Attorney Beth Klein: My name is Beth Klein and I am the founding shareholder of Klein ...

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  • K&F Communication

    Frank: Communication is critical in lawsuits – to communicate with your clients, to keep ...

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  • K&F Courage

    Klein: The fundamental essence of a lawyer is you have to answer the question “I am so ...

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  • K&F Pay It Forward

    Klein: Our law firm Klein Frank, P.C. has an associated foundation, which allows our firm ...

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  • K&F Skill

    Frank: My strong skills that I’ve developed really started from being a social worker, ...

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  • Klein & Frank Firm

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