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K&F Communication

Frank: Communication is critical in lawsuits – to communicate with your clients, to keep them informed, to understand what’s important to them, to understand what they are not understanding. Other than seeing it on TV or in the movies, people don’t really know what to expect. This is the one day that they have or the one trial that they have, so it’s important to understand why things are happening the way that they’re happening. Klein: The first thing that I think it important in a client relationship is to have trust. When I have those relationships with clients, I can let them be fully self-expressed. When they’re that way, that’s the most powerful and that’s when juries want to help them the most. Frank: It’s important equally to communicate with the other side. You want to be sure that your motion is written in a way that the judge understands; then they can rule in your favor. Communication is an aspect from beginning to end in these cases.