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K&F Courage

Klein: The fundamental essence of a lawyer is you have to answer the question “I am so afraid – how are you going to make me strong?” And the only way you can do that is by completely listening to your clients and being able to see every strength that they have and capitalize and enhance the gifts they already have. Frank: We’re not afraid to undertake something that might look hard or sometimes even impossible. We’ve picked up cases from other lawyers that have problems. A lot of the companies that we’ve sued are some of the biggest companies in the country or maybe even the world. We’re just not afraid to jump in and look at it and see if there’s a solution. Klein: There comes a point in your career where your skills are good, you know the rules, you’ve got your confidence, but there’s a level that’s beyond all of that, where trial lawyers are really able to express the soul, the gravity of the problem in the courtroom. I strive to tell my clients’ stories so gracefully and so honestly that people don’t want to stop listening.