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K&F Pay It Forward

Klein: Our law firm Klein Frank, P.C. has an associated foundation, which allows our firm to be creative: creating laws, creating charities, creating projects to make things better. Frank: At the beginning of the year, Beth and I and the firm will sit down together and try to come up with some creative project that we can work on that is what we would refer to as “paying it forward.” For example, one year, we created the Save a Life a Day concept and we have a website that’s called Save a Life a Day. We were hoping to help 365 people during the course of that year. I think we reached the goal probably within a month. For me, it’s important to have clients that have that similar kind of interest and look at things in a bigger view than just themselves Klein: Most people want to pay it forward in a significant way. They create foundations, create documentaries, do all kinds of things so that people won’t experience the same tragedy that they did. To develop those kinds of outcomes with clients is the greatest honor.