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Frank: My strong skills that I’ve developed really started from being a social worker, because one of the things that you learn being a social worker is how to listen. Unfortunately, a lot of lawyers don’t listen very well. Klein: Many lawyers will accept all kinds of cases, just anything that comes in the door, because they want to turn them and get their money. We’re not like that at all. We’re here with our clients for the long haul. I’ve personally tried more than 100 major jury trials. I believe that having trial skills is essential to our success. Frank: I probably have more contact with clients to get background to work and all the pretrial matters that need to be done and to kind of give them a good understanding of the process. Klein: Because of our work in human trafficking and the prevention of human trafficking, a lot of organizations are inspired by our commitment and I appreciate them very much. There’s nothing more gratifying to me than to see my clients go forward and succeed.