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Klein & Frank with Accolades

Attorney Beth Klein: My name is Beth Klein and I am the founding shareholder of Klein Frank, P.C. Attorney Carrie Frank: I’m Carrie Frank of Klein Frank, P.C. We do a lot of car crash cases, we handle a lot of product cases, insurance bad faith matters, and legal malpractice cases. Klein: Most of my clients are catastrophically injured people who are going through severe financial distress, transformation of their identities, and sometimes our clients just don’t even see a way out of their circumstance. Frank: When someone comes to you for a personal injury case, it’s usually the first time that they’ve ever had that kind of a lawsuit, and it’s frightening or just out of their comfort zone. Klein: Trust is a long-term relationship that you build – you exchange ideas, you overcome difficulties together. My job is to be that person that they trust to help them walk through, lead them out of the serious issue legally, and get them back on their feet so that they can reset and get on with their own life. Frank: We each take different roles in helping them get through the whole process. Throughout the course of our cases, we want our clients to know that they are not alone – we are with them every step of the way. Beth and I work together on all of the cases that we have as does our staff. We’re not afraid to undertake something that might look hard or sometimes even impossible. We’re not afraid to fight some of the biggest companies in the country, or maybe the world. Maybe th